Upcoming Holiday

Lushmanes will be closed for the holidays from Dec 7th until the calendar opens back up. The very last day for appointments will be DECEMBER 6th. Please be sure to book your appointments ahead of time so that you will not be left out! (As in…. BOOK IT NOW! lol) We will do our best to get as many bookings in before the holidays with extended hours. We will not able to accommodate any requests after DEC 6th. 

We do have hair for sale ladies! You do not have to be one of our clients to be able to make a purchase and if you aren’t nearby, we will ship it to you! Theres no reason to gamble with your install or give yourself unnecessary stress by using hair that isn’t good quality. Please email your hair requests to feyisa@gmail.com or call/text 240.755.1958. All the hair comes in a natural color ranging from a dark brown to a natural black. If you want your hair colored, include some pictures in your email and we can arrange a custom color for you.

We appreciate all of you and look forward to having you in our chairs soon!


Hey Dolls! Its been a long time, but we’ve got some good news for you…… Are ya ready??


After so many inquiries for so long, we will be offering custom wig making services starting October 2014. Full Wigs, Closure Wigs, U-Part Wigs and more.  (Pre-orders being taken now). More information coming, please email all inquiries to feyisa@gmail.com

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Wedding Do! Bridal Tresses…

I just wanted to share one of my more personal moments with you all of one of my besties who got married over the summer. I was a bridesmaid, but also had the honor of hooking my girl’s hair UP for her Big Day! She didn’t want a classic wedding hairstyle, so we came up with a very Chic and Sexy asymmetrical bob; giving her the “edginess” that she wanted, taking her look to another level. Take a peek at this beautiful bride!

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For inquiring minds…. The bride is 100% natural and chemical free. This was a natural part weave with side part using Yaki perm hair from the LushManes Virgin hair collection.

2011 Bronner Bros International Hair Show in Atlanta, GA

As some of you already know, I had the pleasure of attending the BB Hair show that took place in Atlanta, GA. What a show it was! Some things were expected and many things WEREN’T expected. lol. There are many pics of exhibits and then some shots of random people who caught my eye as they walked past, but alot of fun nonetheless :)


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Want Healthy Hair? Consider using these oils…

Do you feel like your edges are thinning? Is your hair uneven? Does it seem like your hair has been the same length forever? Healthy hair definitely a process that requires patience and finding products to create a regimen that works for YOU. What worked for your friend, mother, sister or even those chicks that have blogs about how they got their hair to their waist may not necessarily work for you. However, one thing that we do know is that all hair needs to be healthy to grow.

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. We lavish our hair with conditioners and all kinds of products, but we often neglect our scalp. Shiny and healthy follicles are not going to erect from a dry, flaky, hungry scalp. So be sure to keep your hair moisturized and nourish your scalp with oils that help produce healthy hairs.

Tea Tree Oil- Natural antiseptic that helps to kill off bacteria that can irritate your scalp. Not to mention it deep cleans and gives that super tingly feeling we all love. Not only does the tingly sensation feel good, it also stimulates your scalp and increases circulation. A personal favorite product I use is Tea Tree Naturals Shampoo & Deep Conditioner made by Fantasia.

Grapeseed Oil- Promotes hair growth. Smooths hair cuticles. Non greasy and odorless. It strengthens the hair and because its not greasy, it can be easily absorbed into the scalp. AND… its also VERY good for your skin, so you can even dab a couple drops on your face to fight acne, give your face a satiny feel and assist with aging. The pure undiluted oil is great! Pick some up at GNC or in the vitamin aisle of any grocery store.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Very effective for dry hair. Warm it up and leave it in your hair for 30 mins to help give hair its elasticity back and prevent frizziness. You can also add an egg to it and use it as a conditioner to add volume. Can also be used with any other oil in your regimen.

Jojoba Oil- Known for its ability to deeply penetrate the scalp and hair shaft. Similar to our natural sebum and gives the hair a natural shine and effective in controlling dandruff.

This is just info I’ve gathered over time through researching whats good for our hair. Add this to your list of things to try and see how it goes. Happy Healthy Hair!