Okay, so I know we have days where we need to give our hair a break and let it breath. So we run to the store to pick up a “hold me over for a little while” hairpiece. Most likely when you get to the store, you will see an array of wigs and you don’t even know where to start……… I’ll tell you where NOT to start. lol.

I went to the beauty supply store to pick up a few things the other day and I happened to walk past the wig section and felt like I was being punk’d!! After telling the attendant for the third time “No thanks, I’m just looking” I thought to myself that I gotta let my divas know that this is ridiculous. So I whipped out my Blackberry n started snapping away. PS- If you have any of these in your closet… you should only bring them out on 1 or 2 occasions— April Fools Day and Halloween. If not?? I suggest you set that thang ablaze asap! LOL

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