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Bey Blonde (Pic heavy post)

I’ve gotten many requests for the “Beyonce blonde” look. This look pretty much is light colored golden blonde with highlights OR with dark roots as if growing out some haircolor. So I’ve done a few custom pieces to cater to my divas that want to try some hair in this color family. If you are interested, EMAIL me!!

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Some other lovely ladies who dipped into the blondes, rich caramel and chocolate hues and it worked for them!”><img alt="" src="” title=”kim k” class=”alignnone” width=”274″ height=”400″ />

Disclaimer: These pictures are for demonstrative purposes only and are being used to show the various hues of browns and blondes used as my inspiration for the lighter shades in the LushManes Hair collection. I am not claiming responsibility of the hairstyles of these celebrities nor am I suggesting that I provided them with hair pieces to achieve their looks.

Update…… Kind of.

Hey folks! So I promised you that I was bringing in new hair and I am! I am working on bringing you a line of beautiful, quality hair to select from including malaysian, chinese, indian and some brazilian textured tresses.  You will also be also be able to purchase with paypal and have the hair shipped directly to you so that can wash it, color it, play with it or do whatever you want to it before your appt.  Here are a few pics of some samples I got thus far as well as some pics of some of my lovely divas…. The new shipment is scheduled to arrive April 10 :)!

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One of my beauties with her gorgeous weave and lace closure install! You’d never know unless she told you ;)

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Email me for info:

Closure Convenience

Check out one of the latest style techniques that truly provides versatility and freedom of styling your hair the way you like. Lace Closures! If you are Relaxed, Natural, Transitioning, Balding, looking for a protective style or just want to give your hair a break from daily wear and tear, then this is for YOU!  A lace closure will give you the ability to have a natural looking part with ZERO leave out. Meaning absolutely NO damage to your hair! See pics below!

***** Please excuse the shine around some of the forehead, it’s just a little glaze. There is NO glue, this is all sewn in.*****

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If you’re interested in this type of weave, hit me up for pricing and availability!


The Most Natural Closure Ever…

Hey Folks!

My apologies for taking such a long break in between posts, but I am in the process of MOVING (Hate it). So I haven’t had time actually sit and do a post because I’ve been so busy packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking and driving (moving into MD). However, of course I had to find time to do some hair in between! Lol. SO feast your eyes here ;)

Now, if your hair is natural and you’re a lover of weaves (like myself), then this may be just what you need…. LACE CLOSURES!
There are a few methods to doing the closure and I will show you 2 of my beautiful clients who brought lace closures. (Different areas of the head)

For those that don’t know, here is what the curly lace closure looks like and here is what a straight lace closure looks like. These particular pieces are reusable.

In the first two photos, my client has a natural lace closure piece placed at the top of the crown to give a natural look and ability to wear a bang.

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The client in the second set of pictures also has a full head weave with lace closure. Hers is placed at the front side of the hair to create a naturally parted hairline.

Both clients used virgin hair. Please visit the gallery to see more pictures and angles of these two beautiful ladies.
For those of you who want a fully sewn in weave and don’t like having any of your hair out, but still want to have the versatility of a visible part, this may be the way to go!


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