Lady Kinky: I cant stand my nappy hair! I can’t comb through it!  I can only comb through it when its wet with water or detangler. It frizzes up with humidity and I’ve broken so many combs trying to get through this mess and my poor scalp get so sore from the tension. It seems like no product takes to my hair. I wish it was more soft and silky so it could just lay down……

Lady Silky: Girl please, I wish I had hair as thick as yours. My hair is so damn silky, I cant get even get braids! My weaves are loose and saggy by the third week because my cornrows aren’t tight anymore. I want more volume, but my hair just seems to do its own thing. People think I can just brush it with water and be out. NOT the case… Sometimes I feel like I should slap some relaxer in it and call it a day. 

Lady Perm: Hmmm. I don’t know if you want to do that.  My hair has been permed since I can remember and now it just feels dead. I hate seeing my edges start curling up so I get perms every 4-6 weeks like clockwork.  My hair never has enough volume, and it feels stuck to my head. I wrap it in different directions to try to give it some body, but ugh…. Its so boring. I think I’m gonna go natural…. for real this time.  Better yet, maybe I’ll start fresh and cut it short.

Lady Short: That would be a good start. Dont be alarmed when it starts to get frustrating though. I wear my hair short and I love it because its easy to take  care of. I can wash it everyday and its very low maintenance. BUT… Damn I want a weave or some braids sometimes!! This look doesn’t go with everything and I can’t really do a whole lot to change it up. Not to mention, my face has to be on point at all times because I cant hide behind my hair! It would be nice to have some long, flowy tresses sometimes. 

Lady Long: There are countless times I feel like cutting my hair ALL off like yours. Long hair is nice, but its a hassle. And because its so long, I feel limited to what i can do to it. 

Ladies, as long as you’re taking care of your hair and its healthy, remember that hair is an accessory and its okay to change it up as often as you like. Keep it healthy and Have fun with it! Love your hair no matter the texture!