Many wonder: When is a good time to take down my weave? How do I know when its time to come out? Here are five signs that its time to let go of that weave.

Its been longer than 2 months

As a stylist, I recommend not to keep your weave in past 8 weeks. Some ladies may get their weave retightened by the 4 week mark because of new growth. If you can’t even remember when you had your install done or if you can lift up a sewn in weft and stick your fingers underneath…….then you know its time to come out!

Excessive Itching

There will be times when your scalp itches due to dryness or when its time for a wash. But there comes a time when you’ve used everything under the sun to scratch your scalp, e.g., bent hairpins straight, pens, paperclips, hangers, letter openers, keys, and you are now drumming on your head like a congo….. Ladies. Let it GO. Better to have your weave taken out, than to have to deal with bald spots from scratching your hair follicles out from the root.

Weave turned Wig

Have you ever seen someone scratch their head and their entire weave moves and shifts as if its all one unit? Kinda like a wig? This means that there is plenty of new growth. Don’t get me wrong, new growth is a good thing! Thats the purpose of doing a weave as a protective style is to encourage growth. But that newly grown in hair needs to be combed, washed and properly conditioned. Therefore, its time to take that weave out.

Shedding like a dog

There is is no hair that will not eventually shed a couple strands of hair. If you are having to brush your hair every 20 minutes because it starts crawling up into a nest. Or maybe you’re overusing products to try to get rid of dryness and get some sort of shine that lasts more than an hour. If you found yourself having to brush your hair on the balcony/patio/hallway/outside just to avoid seeing hair all over the floor in the house. Please take your weave out.

Smelly Weaves!

I probably should have listed this first because its the most in your face tell tale sign that you need to take out your weave. Although its great to wash your hair regularly, the cornrows form a barrier and don’t allow thorough washing of your scalp. Think about it this way… No matter how good you think it still looks; If you can smell it, so can someone else. Take your weave out on time to avoid being a victim of a smelly weave.

I hope these tips help you decide when its time to take your weave out.